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We Have the AI Cloud Services You Need

One of our leading IT services is Artificial Intelligence. Every few years, technology undergoes a major revolution, and for the last two decades, Cambridge Technology has been at the forefront of each one of those changes. That is how we became leaders in defining and building AI business solutions for organizations across all industries. We want to help your company become an AI-First Business, so that you too can offer unparalleled service to your customers with the help of AI technology.

When you think of the ways AI solutions can transform your organization, the future is limitless. Exciting new technology will inspire you to reach your full potential. We’ll help you come up with an innovative blueprint for implementation, using the latest advances in research. Allow us to Impact your business with a partnership that will guide you every step of the way towards a competitive future.  




 Our Clients

Each organization is different, even within the same industry, which is why Cambridge Technology always works to come up with a strategic plan to fit the needs and challenges of your business. We also take the current market climate into consideration. From retail and manufacturing to finance and healthcare, no matter your industry or the size of your organization, the future of AI is here to help you attract and serve more customers. Some of our satisfied clients include:

We Believe…

Big Data and the Cloud are game changers; add AI & Machine Learning and we are transforming how businesses are defined, delivered and new enterprise value captured.

AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, the Cloud — these advances in technology will change the world forever. They are certainly changing how companies do business, from the way they market their services and products to the way they interact with customers during and after a transaction. These important AI elements are even increasing employee productivity and inspiring creativity across all departments.

It’s happening quickly. Because of these technological advances, 90 percent of the world’s data was created just in the last two years, and that number will grow at a rate of 40 percent annually in the years to come. In order to stay afloat, it’s important to build a relationship with a partner that offers end-to-end AI services and advisement. Cambridge Technology is the only company with the experience, expertise, and highly-skilled team to deliver satisfaction every single time.

Our AI Services

In order for a business to use AI as a service, you will need the key elements. Check out our services to find how they can help you.

Artificial Intelligence

From our AI Advisory Workshops to AI Solutions, Cambridge Technology will help you create, implement, and manage AI applications without the need for an internal team.

Big Data Services

From acquisition and management to analytics and warehousing, we will help you unlock your data’s potential so that your business can become even more competitive in today’s market.

Cloud Services

Our innovative services make migration and transformation easier than ever. Your cloud will be accessible, scalable, agile, efficient, reliable, secure, and flexible.

Application Services

With the help of our agile CMMI Level 5 development methodology, we analyze, design, implement, test, and integrate your s with new applications.

DevOps Services

 Our DevOps Advisory Workshops, Implementation services, and management and support help you release software, applications, and services in record time. 

IAM Services

Keep your data safe and secure at all times by ensuring only the right people have access at the right moment with our array of IAM Services.

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We believe that our most valuable assets are our people and that working with us is more than just developing revolutionary solutions and applications for our clients and innovating with the latest technologies.

We believe that you are part of a great team, singularly focused on providing solutions for the most challenging technology issues, through training, mentoring and collaboration. If you fit that profile, join us today! 

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