Oracle Database High Availability Solution


Discover the benefits of an AWS Oracle Database High Availability Implementation on the AWS platform, with Cambridge Technology’s (CT) quick and secure architecture. Accelerate your time to analytical insight with Cambridge Technology, an AWS APN advanced consulting partner with an AWS certified Oracle competency and a member of the AWS Solutions Provider program. This AWS solution includes CT’s advisory services provided by our AWS certified Cloud Architects to complement your solution. Additionally, we include options to purchase Oracle Licenses.

Solution using ASM & Data Guard (BYOL – Option)

AWS provides a secure infrastructure to run your Oracle Database with support for small, medium, and large databases on enterprise level architecture – including high availability. Oracle Databases which are larger than 16 TB, or databases which rely on features that aren’t supported by Amazon Relational Database Service, (Amazon RDS), you can manage from your data center using your own Oracle Database in the AWS virtual compute environment.

Using AWS, you can automatically deploy the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition on Amazon EC2 with high availability, configure the Oracle ASM storage management layer with the Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Grid Infrastructure server, for replication and database setup using physical standby databases.

This deployment automatically sets up a VPC based on AWS’s best practices. The above deployment also sets up public and private subnets, bastion hosts and, NAT gateways in an Auto Scaling group to access your database instances.

Solution Architecture Diagram

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