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Oracle RAC is a trusted high-availability solution for backend relational databases running mission-critical databases and Business Critical Application (BCA) workloads. These solutions were difficult to deploy as Amazon Web Services (AWS) did not enable Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) natively on Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Oracle RAC now provides advanced technology for database high availability. Organizations around the world use Oracle RAC for running their mission-critical applications, where high-availability and data integrity are of paramount importance. Customers who deploy Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) require stringent SLAs, continued high performance, and application availability, so managing data storage becomes a major challenge.

Discover the benefits of an Oracle RAC implementation on AWS, with Cambridge Technology’s quick and secure architecture. Accelerate your time to Oracle RAC cloud migration with Cambridge Technology, an APN advanced consulting partner with AWS Oracle competency. This AWS Solution comes with CT advisory services from Cambridge’s AWS Cloud Architects to complement your solution with additional consulting services and also includes options to purchase new or migrating BYOL Oracle Licenses options.

Solution – Features and Aspects

CT is provisioned to run the Oracle RAC using a new feature called stretched clusters for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware provides VMware Cloud on AWS. On AWS, VMware Cloud is an on-demand service with access to a broad range of AWS services that enable customers to run applications across vSphere-based cloud environments. It is optimized to run on defined elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure.

For any (SDDC) Software Defined Data Center cluster, an ESXi hypervisor is installed on and deployed on bare-metal into a (VPC) Virtual Private Cloud within an AWS account owned by VMware. It is designed to protect if the availability zone fails. Applications can have multiple availability zones within a VMware Cloud on AWS cluster.

* This service requires a minimum number of 4 cluster nodes, which can be scaled online via a portal or REST API call

Solution Architecture Diagram

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