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AI and the Data-Driven Utility

We argue that utilities who fail to proactively embrace and invest in taking advantage of new data related technology but instead continue to operate their infrastructure with legacy methods will risk increased competition from both existing and new market participants.


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    • Making IoT data matter
      Making IoT data matter
      November 18, 2020
      Nag Akula
      Soil sensors, smart refrigerators, connected cars, integrated 区块链app排名_数字货币合约交易home security, the digital twin of supply chains, and pulmonary implants are but a few examples of the real-world IoT applications...
    • Custom-built Data Lakes
      Custom-built Data Lakes
      October 21, 2020
      Nag Akula
      The wide availability of on-demand cloud computing and cost-effective storage have transformed the way businesses operate....
    • Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift
      Data Warehousing with Amazon Redshift
      October 8, 2020
      Nag Akula
      We live in a data-fueled business environment. Questions like, what is my customer’s next purchase going to be? Or where are my next customers going to come from?...
    • Understanding AIOps and what it means for you
      Understanding AIOps and what it means for you
      September 28, 2020
      Riaz Mohammad
      AIOps merges machine learning algorithms and data science with IT operations to render established, proactive, and automated remediation capabilities. AIOps equips IT operations teams to deliver high-quality software services and superior customer experience....