Beyond Prediction Series: AI Driven Utility Companies- concepts & use cases

Today AI/ML have become the most powerful and sort after technologies used by businesses. They have provided breakthrough insights into various applications and use cases in various industries. These range from product and services innovation, research and discovery, enhancements in customer services and productivity and efficiency etc.

The modern utility company can also benefit from a number of advances in modern computing and AI/ML. In this webinar we will discuss multiple concrete use cases including predictive maintenance, IoT, analysis of multispectral satellite images, etc.

You’ll hear:

  • AI use cases for utility companies
  • Challenges to building AI/ML applications for your business
  • Our recommendations for how to get started on AI solutions for your businesses
  • Examples of AI solutions we have developed
  • Data considerations in determining your AI path
  • AWS AI and Machine Learning Platform Services and Applications for utility companies


Nitin Tyagi, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Cambridge Technology, Inc.
Dr. Rajan Lukose, Chief Data Scientist, Cambridge Technology, Inc.